Meanings Behind "Eyes Closed" by Ed Sheeran

Eyes Closed

by Ed Sheeran

✨ Dealing with Unexpected Loss

"Eyes Closed" by Ed Sheeran is a heartfelt song about coming to grips with significant loss and learning how to navigate life in the wake of such a tragedy. The song tells the story of Ed dealing with the death of his close friend, Jamal, who suddenly passed away due to a heart attack.

In "Eyes Closed," Sheeran dives deep into his feelings and experiences following his friend's unexpected departure from this world. He reveals that he often sees reminders of Jamal everywhere he goes which keeps drawing him back into memories they shared together.

The metaphor of "dancing with my eyes closed" was used as an expression for how he tries to cope up with this loss - rather than allowing himself to be swallowed by grief or avoid situations that remind him of Jamal, he chooses instead to immerse himself in those emotions and memories while symbolically dancing (and living) through them even if it means doing so blindly or without seeing clearly what lies ahead.

His decision not try running away from these feelings but choosing instead embrace them suggests acceptance; acknowledging the kingdom-sized hole left after losing someone dear yet understanding at some level that life must go on. It hints towards finding little solace knowing things will never be same again while also signifying progression forward despite circumstances being murky challenging.

Sheeran shows raw vulnerability throughout entire track reminding us sometimes we are faced heavy burdens regardless whether ready face or not indicative harsh realities life can present.

✨ Lessons on Grief, Memory and Resilience

  • Life doesn't always go as planned: Just like Ed singing about picturing year differently before losing friend reminds us there unpredictable twists turns everyone faces their lives.
  • Memories cherished ones lost shouldn’t avoided feared but embraced relished: Through lyrics we understand even though everything around refers lost loved one embracing memories seeking comfort within may way healing process.
  • Even grief pain continue living cherish good times: 'Dancing eyes closed' portrays necessity moving life despite pain sorrow.
  • Emotions aren’t something ashamed showing vulnerability can be strength: Sheeran honestly opens up about his grief and sadness, which is a reminder that it's okay to show our feelings and seek help when needed.

✨ The Journey Towards Healing After Tragedy

In essence, "Eyes Closed" by Ed Sheeran conveys a profoundly personal journey of dealing with significant loss. It offers listeners an intimate glimpse into the process of mourning, remembrance, acceptance, and ultimately finding one's way towards healing. The song serves as a poignant reminder that even in moments of profound hurt and confusion – like dancing with eyes closed – we are still capable of movement; we can stumble forward through the gloom until eventually things start making sense again.

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