Meanings From "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran


by Ed Sheeran

✨ A Beautiful Tribute to a Cherished Relationship

The song "Perfect" is a beautiful tribute by Ed Sheeran to his wife, Cherry Seaborn. This heartfelt ballad goes beyond just being a love song and delves into the journey of their relationship. It's about discovering true love, embracing it wholeheartedly, standing by each other through all odds, and dreaming together for a shared future.

✨ Unraveling a Deeply Romantic Tale

In this deeply romantic melody, Ed shares how he found an extraordinary love in the form of his now-wife when they were just kids and had no real understanding of what love was then. The lyrics express that despite not fully comprehending what it meant at the time to be in such profound affection with someone else; he knew she was worth holding onto.

Throughout our lives, we meet many people but only rarely do we come across those who leave a lasting imprint on our hearts - often these are simple moments that further solidify why they're 'the one'. For instance, there's beauty depicted here in dancing barefoot on grass while listening to their favourite song expressing those intimate moments exclusively yours as a couple.

This tune isn't only about cherishing her physical beauty but also highlights her internal strength that has made him respect her even more over time -- emphasising again that she is indeed perfect for him irrespective of any flaws or imperfections because perfection lies within one’s perception after all!

Further down the line inside this captivating symphony—Ed talks about envisioning marriage and growing old with her whilst having aspirations like bearing children together– thus showcasing their deep connection which transcends youthful infatuations turning them into everlasting companionship rooted firmly in place by shared dreams & hopes.

✨ Lessons Learned in Love and Life

  • Sometimes when you find genuine affection unexpectedly earlier than most folks typically do (like during childhood), following your heart might lead you towards finding your soulmate even if you barely understand ‘what’s going’ around then!
  • Sharing intimate moments just with your significant other – whether it’s dancing in the dark or listening to a special song together can add unique exclusivity and deeper bonding in your relationship.
  • Perfection isn't always about flawless physical beauty but also lies within internal strength, character and ability to stick through thick-and-thin while fighting all odds towards building a shared future with dreams & hopes.

✨ Recognising Lifelong Companionship over Unexpected Love

To cap it off, 'Perfect' is not just an ode to love. It's Ed's recognition of his wife as both - his best friend whom he discovered unexpectedly during adolescence (when they had barely understood what falling for someone meant) and his life partner who has her own individuality, strengths coupled with deep mutual respect weathering unnumbered tests life threw at them leading ultimately towards sharing the same dream of growing old together whilst cherishing every single moment that comes their way lovingly.

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