Layers of Meaning Behind "Lucid Dreams" by Juice WRLD

Lucid Dreams

by Juice WRLD

✨ Exploring Emotional Turmoil Post Breakup

In the song "Lucid Dreams", Juice WRLD dives deep into his emotional turmoil following a painful break-up. The term 'lucid dreams' refers to a dream state where we're aware that we are dreaming and therefore have the potential to exercise control over the dream. Similarly, in this song, Juice WRLD uses this concept as an analogy for his desire to gain some semblance of control over his thoughts and feelings after he's lost someone dear to him.

✨ Understanding the Impact of Heartbreak on Mental State

The central theme of Lucid Dreams is heartbreak and how it affects one mentally. The lyrics depict denials, regrets, anguish alongside an internal conflict between love and hatred towards a past lover who has moved on with another person.

Juice admits allowing his emotions rather than logic dictate actions during their relationship due to which now he's struggling by being constantly haunted by her memories - metaphorically seeing her shadows in the room even when she isn't there.

To cope up with it all - pain from betrayal ('you made my heart ache') or harsh realities ('made outta plastic'), regret for not having listened to friends – he desperately yearns for replacing these constant reminders but finds doing so much harder than anticipated.

His lucid dreams become visual cues indicating unresolved issues; showcasing inability (‘can’t move a thing’), reminiscent pieces of their moments together or continuous agony from feeling discarded & deceived.

✨ Important Lessons From a Painful Love Experience

  • It's crucial that you always listen both your head as well as your heart before making decisions.
  • Not every beautiful exterior holds something equally beautiful interior: “Who knew evil girls had the prettiest face?".
  • Accepting reality however brutal it may be is often better than living in denial: You cannot make changes to anyone else against their will - "And I cannot change you".
  • Learn how important it is letting go past painful experiences instead harbouring them within ourselves forever so we could move forward and heal.

✨ Acknowledging Despair and Emphasizing Acceptance

Lucid Dreams serves as a passionate emotional outpour most can relate to in terms of love, heartbreaks or struggles with own mental state. However apart from the reminiscing aspect and despair it also subtly emphasises on going through stages of acceptance & willingness for moving on - essentially underlining how embracing harsh realities might be painful but is an integral part of eventual healing process resulting into personal growth and self-improvement.

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