7 Meanings in "Complicato" by Sfera Ebbasta


by Sfera Ebbasta

✨ What is 'Complicato' about ?

  • "Complicato," a track by the Italian artist: Sfera Ebbasta deals with significant themes of struggle and societal issues.
  • In difficult times, remember that as gloomy as everything may seem, just like in 'Complicato', we can still rise above it all.
  • You shouldn't ignore the struggles faced by others. The song reminds us to empathize rather than turning a blind eye, especially if we come from positions of privilege.
  • The lesson here is not to judge anyone based on surface level understanding because everyone has their battles—internal or external.
  • Emulate optimism amid challenging times as revealed within the lines of this song – tough circumstances are temporary and better days will come.
  • Betrayal and infidelity are painful truths depicted in this story told through music; it's a reminder for us to remain faithful and trustworthy even when things get complicated.
  • Lastly, despite hardships being so 'complicated', there’s always hope signifying resilience - A crucial takeaway from Complicato along with its evocative depiction of reality often overlooked.

➡️ Let's delve deeper into the meaning of 'Complicato' 👇

✨ Italian Song Portraying Struggle and Emotion

"Complicato", a song by Italian artist Sfera Ebbasta, is about the struggles, emotions, and challenges associated with living in difficult circumstances. In essence, it explores the complexities of hardship in life.

✨ Challenges in Rising Above Hardship

The song's central theme revolves around rising above hard situations despite how gloomy everything seems. Just as the title suggests "Complicato," translated to Complicated in English, signifies not only internal battles but also unfavorable external conditions such as poverty and societal issues.

In one part of the lyrics where he mentions his mother working three jobs and looking for a fourth job exemplifies economic hardships that families face daily. The line "Ha fatto un figlio e dopo lo hanno arrestato", which translates into 'He had a child and was subsequently arrested', speaks volumes about common incidents experienced within blighted neighborhoods - crime-related incidences tearing apart families.

Another significant issue thrown into light by this song is betrayal or infidelity when mentioning being sure that 'she' is already in bed with someone else.

Despite all these painful truths depicted through compelling storytelling tied together with notes of raw emotion from both Sfera and collaborating artist Paky gives a perspective on reality shared by many who find themselves trapped due to socioeconomic factors beyond their control.

It does not dwell entirely on afflictions; there are glimmers of hope embedded throughout its narrative too emphasized through lines like - “Non può piovere per sempre anche se è complicato” - meaning: It can't always rain even if it's complicated implying optimism amidst challenging times showcasing resilience overcoming adversity often comes at high costs.

✨ Lessons from Overcoming Adversity

  • You may be going through tough circumstances right now—like those described in "Complicato"—but remember that hardships don't last forever.
  • We need to acknowledge the struggles faced by others instead than turning a blind eye, especially if we come from positions of privilege.
  • Life can be complicated with its share of adversities but it's essential to keep faith that better days will come.
  • Ultimately, each one has their battles intrinsic or extrinsic; it's crucial not to judge based on surface level understanding.

✨ Resilience in the Face of Societal Issues

"Complicato" is a powerful narrative infused with raw emotion and reality highlighting societal issues often overlooked while also imbuing listeners with hope for brighter days ahead akin to the proverbial 'light at the end of the tunnel." The song encourages us all to remain resilient in the face of adversity, knowing that obstacles are transient despite how 'complicated' they may seem.

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