Meanings from "Life Goes On" by Ed Sheeran

Life Goes On

by Ed Sheeran

✨ Exploring Loss and Time Through Music

"Life Goes On" by Ed Sheeran is a deeply touching song that beautifully captures the essence of pain, loss and something even more fundamental - the relentless passage of time in life. It's essentially about melancholy, longing to relive certain moments with someone who has left his life and dealing with their absence.

✨ Deep Dive into Emotive Imagery and Metaphors

Ed Sheeran uses strong metaphorical language to depict personal emotional turmoil after losing someone close. The phrase "hit like a train" serves as an effective comparison to express how hard it was for him when he had experienced this departure while alluding to feelings of shock and devastation.

The singer continues reflecting on memories shared with this person who’s no longer there which seem sweet yet painful at the same time. He expresses these bittersweet feelings lyrically through phrases like “love leads to pain” and “memories serve our sweetest refrain”.

He also mentions sinking like a stone if having 'to face life without you', indicating deep sadness mixed with fears. Yet amidst suffering, he still acknowledges that not matter what happens; good or bad- easy come or hard go-the course of life doesn’t stop for anyone.

When referencing "storms will roll", it represents inevitable hardships coming towards him after parting ways but again emphasized that no matter how much pain one goes through because eventually, things have a way of sorting themselves out—life goes on.

✨ Valuable Life Lessons from Emotional Turmoil

  • Remember: every setback can be devastating & emotionally draining. However stoic you are—"it can hit like train"—but don't let these experiences deter your spirit.
  • Holding onto past memories could cause significant amounts of heartache especially when trying move forward from them—we must cherish those precious moments but also understand letting them go might just be part necessary healing process.
  • As cliche as may sound sometimes ‘easy come’ trials tribulations do indeed pave path growth.
  • Regardless stormy days, remember that these storms do roll and pass eventually. It's all part of life's unpredictable journey.
  • Most importantly, no matter how much adversity we face in our personal lives - "life goes on". Time waits for no one and the world keeps spinning & moving regardless of our individual plights or joys.

✨ Embracing the Journey of Life Amidst Its Ups and Downs

"Life Goes On" by Ed Sheeran is a touching portrayal of human emotions faced during times of loss, longing and carrying forward despite everything. This song serves as a gentle reminder to embrace every part of our journey; the good & bad, highs & lows because irrespective to what happens—life still continues to move ahead—sometimes rigorously so but beautifully nonetheless.

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