Meanings from "Who Shot Cupid?" by Juice WRLD

Who Shot Cupid?

by Juice WRLD

✨ Exploring Emotions of Love and Heartbreak in a Song

"Who Shot Cupid?" by Juice WRLD is a soul-touching song that dives deep into the emotions surrounding love, heartbreak, and self-worth. The song mirrors his personal experiences with an ex-lover who left him feeling distressed and without value.

✨ Breakdown of Emotional Metaphors and Experiences

Throughout "Who Shot Cupid?", Juice uses an interesting metaphor of the God of Love - Cupid, to add depth to his narrative. He blames cupid for doing a poor job since he ends up not finding true love despite falling hard every time. This conveys Juice's disappointment in failed relationships which made him question why was even putting himself out there.

A key-point in this song revolves around how Juice returns to taking drugs after numerous unsuccessful attempts at love – something he admits was superficially worth it but ultimately left him feeling worthless and empty inside making the drug-use cycle harder to break from.

He also talks about their comeback as his fame grew. They seemed regretful about letting go initially however, Juice maintains a strong front throughout- showing they can't waltz back into his life like before.

The lyrics suggest that for all its pitfalls, romantic involvement was better than loneliness which is reflected when he says “without her I would die”.

✨ Learning Life Lessons from Failed Relationships

  • Heartbreak can often times leave you questioning your self-worth—don’t let it! Always remember you are unique and valuable.
  • Failed relationships aren't always downfalls; sometimes it’s just cupid missing his target or may be getting us ready for something better.
  • Remember that unhealthy coping mechanisms such as using drugs will only provide short term relief—it’s important we find healthier ways of dealing with pain instead.
  • Just because someone realizes what they've lost once you flourish doesn’t mean they deserve another chance—respect yourself enough to know when to step away!

✨ Finding Strength in Heartbreaks

So who shot Cupid? It could have been anyone, or no one, because cupids might indeed miss just like humans do. What we can learn from Juice WRLD's raw and emotionally charged song is that heartbreaks while hard on us, are a part of life experiences that shape us as individuals. We should endeavor to cope in healthier ways and remember our self-worth isn’t defined by failed relationships or rejections!

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