Meanings Behind 'Righteous' by Juice WRLD


by Juice WRLD

✨ Understanding the Emotional Struggles Portrayed in a Ballad

"Righteous" by Juice WRLD is an emotional ballad that addresses issues of mental health, addiction, and personal struggle. It gives listeners a glimpse into the late rapper's battle with anxiety and drug use as he uses vivid metaphors to depict his experiences.

✨ Glimpses into Personal Struggles with Fame, Addiction and Mortality

The song largely reflects on how Juice WRLD used substances like drugs to cope with life stresses such as fame, success and his inner demons due in part to emotional pain. The 'all white Gucci suit' symbolizes his success, but it also signifies emptiness or feeling hollow despite outward appearances of glamor.

He also touches on the topic of mortality. Lyrics such as "when it's my time I'll know", indicate that he was aware of the potential consequences of his lifestyle choices but felt unable—or perhaps unworthy—to break free from them.This can show us how people suffering from various forms of addiction often feel trapped in their situation.

The recurring theme about his runaway anxiety—"My anxiety is the size of a planet"—is both relatable and heartbreaking considering Juice WRLD’s untimely death—this could be seen as cry for help which unfortunately went unheeded until it was too late

✨ Lessons on Mental Health and Coping Mechanisms from a Heartrending Tale

  • This song offers a sobering reminder that we shouldn't let outward appearances deceive us - someone may appear successful or content outwardly yet they may be struggling internally.
  • Just like Juice expresses through this song, many people turn to harmful coping mechanisms when dealing with stress or trauma. It underlines the importance for everyone—including celebrities who seem invincible—to have access to healthy outlets or professional help when dealing with mental health issues.
  • There can be profound strength in vulnerability - by openly sharing our struggles instead hiding them away not only helps ourselves process these experiences better but it can also encourage others going through similar experiences feel less alone thus creating safe spaces for conversations around mental health.
  • Unfortunately, many people don't take internal struggles seriously until it's too late - this song, and Juice WRLD himself are clear reminders of how crucial it is to listen and act when someone talks about their mental health issues.

✨ A Loud Plea for Prioritizing Dialogue around Mental Health

"Righteous" by Juice WRLD is more than just a song; it’s the voice of a young man crying for help as he battles inner demons. It serves as a potent reminder that dialogue around mental health should be prioritized. Let us inspire from the music not only to remember the artist but also remind ourselves to check on our loved ones regularly and provide them with support they need because often those who appear strong might be fighting battles we can't see.

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